‘Enhancing Public Space’ is our motto here at Integra Matting. Our team are committed in their drive to enhance the safety and aesthetics of public space with our range of architectural entrance matting. We see matting as an item of function and beauty (whereas most others just wipe their feet on it!) and an essential and vital part of any entry area, and thus, strive to be constantly at the forefront of our industry. Never one to sit there waiting for the others to catch up, our research and development team are dedicated to an on-going release of new and innovative entrance matting products.

Being part of the Classic Architectural Group, we are an organisation committed to assist you in creating a safe and aesthetically enhanced environment, through the focus of providing contemporary and innovative access solutions.
To fulfil customer expectations through a culture of continuous improvement and solutions for the traversed environment. To be the market leader and a trusted partner to employees, suppliers, and clients.


Integra LIFE (Low Impact For the Environment) epitomises our vision... Matting for a better environment.

Integra is mindful of the fact that the environment is a resource we often take for granted.
Appreciated by the environmentally conscious designer, the quality architectural entrance matting products in our comprehensive selection are recyclable and have been internationally tested to stringent ecological standards.

Integra LIFE positively contributes to the health of the environment...
  • Environmentally compatible production
  • Fully recyclable including the use of recycled products in production.
  • Reduction of landfill due to the improved longevity of floor finishes
Integra LIFE also has a positive contribution to the wellbeing of humanity...
  • Improves indoor air quality by reducing the circulation of particles and dust
  • Effectively absorbs sound
  • Arrests the ingress of dirt, grit and moisture, thereby maintaining the life and safety of your floors
  • Reduces cleaning costs and the subsequent use of chemicals
Integra LIFE - Achieve the ultimate look in your entry with quality architectural entrance matting inspired by our vision - Matting for a better environment.